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About The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is not just for rogues, we welcome characters of all classes.
We strive to be (and stay) well respected within the DDO community because we are helpfull, friendly and can be called upon for needs of services, knowledge and advice.

We expect our members to have a positive outlook, to keep the image of our guild in a positive light and be able to communicate well.
All guild members should look after other guildies. That includes helping to find/achive items, help with a quest, share information and ofcourse forming a party with.
You will eventualy only help yourself and the guild by helping others.

We have an ingame channel with the guilds Fors Fortis and Math. Check MotD for the channel name.

But don't forget: HAVE FUN, Don't take the game too seriously!

  ~~ The Thieves Guild ~~ There ain't no rest for the wicked ~~

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